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How to Build Your First Canna Kit

As cannabis legalization matures in Canada, 18% of Canadians are revealing the fact that they’ve had “some” experience with the plant. For budding consumers or those entirely new to cannabis, the process of building their first burn kit might seem daunting (or expensive). The reality is, with all of the innovative and varied cannabis accessories on the market today, it doesn’t need to be either. For those who love to entertain, consider that creating an elegant, functional cannabis kit is the modern equivalent to pulling out a bar cart when guests come over. Below we have some of the most reached for items in our own cannabis kits:


The foundation of every good joint is a high-quality rolling paper. Paper preference is a matter of personal choice, but when deciding what works for you, you’ll want to consider a few factors:

  • Size: Consider how many people will be participating in the session at hand, 1¼  wide papers are universally the most popular size (likely due to their proximity to cigarette dimensions). This size accommodates smaller groups of 1-2 people, whereas a group of 5+ would want to use a king-sized paper. We recommend having a set of each on hand for both larger and more intimate sessions.
  • Fibers: Hemp, rice, flax wood pulp, esparto are all different materials used to create rolling papers
  • Bleached or Unbleached: While unbleached papers contain less chemicals, the process of bleaching slows the burn time, so it depends which feature matters most to the individual.
  • Novelty: While we would typically reach on for an old faithful for our everyday ritual, there’s something to be said about breaking out some special occasion flavoured or Shine papers (something that’s sure to spark an Instagrammable session). For optimal effect, consider the terpenes present in the flavour that you’re enjoying ensuring any flavored papers compliments rather than overpowers your flower.

Our picks:

OCB Premium 1¼” Pioneer Price: $2.00 + HST

Gold rolling papers

Shine Papers Pioneer Price: $26.00 + HST


If papers are the foundation of the joint, a filter is the support beam. A divisive topic amongst cannabis enthusiasts as some find them redundant (depending on their personal style of rolling). It is of our opinion that good hosts use filters. Why? Because filters provide structural integrity for any joint, so you don’t receive a soggy surprise when it makes its way to you. They also provide something to hold on to as the joint gets lower so you’re less likely to burn yourself when relighting.

Our pick:

Raw Unbleached Tips Regular Pioneer Price: $2.50 + HST per-booklet


Pipes are efficient, easy to clean and use on the go, and can easily become a newer cannabis consumers best friend (as they finesse their rolling technique). They are also helpful for moderating your consumption as you can add as much or as little as you like.

Our picks:


J3 Journey Pipe 3 Pioneer Price: $45.00

The Original Monkey Pipe Pioneer Price: $9.00 + HST



Regardless of your preferred consumption style, a good grinder is an essential item in any canna kit. Grinders typically come in 2, 3 or 4-part grinders. A 2-part will grind the cannabis and the kief as one (more on what kief is in a future blog post), but you’ll need to empty it on a flat surface as you grind as there is no compartment for material collection. This may work in a pinch while travelling but it’s not ideal for everyday use. A 3-part grinder is a step up, with a built-in storage compartment that houses the ground cannabis, whereas 4-part grinders store the ground cannabis in one compartment and also have a mesh divider which allows the kief to fall into a 4th compartment below. You can use a 4-part grinder to add kief to your joint, bong or pipe when the mood strikes you or – if you’ve been collecting your kief for a while you can use it to experiment with making moonrocks, or even hash if you’re feeling crafty.

Herb Mill by Storz & Bickle Pioneer Price: $6.00 + HST

GR8TR V2 Series Grinder by Kannastor – Matte Black Pioneer Price: $80.00 + HST

Rolling Tray

All of the above requires a clean flat surface to prepare your cannabis on. Sure, you can use that book you’ve been meaning to read, but a well-designed rolling tray not only looks nicer, but often has ergonomic grooves to help you with the preparation of your cannabis and the organization of your accessories.

Walnut Rolling Tray by BRNT – Yaketa Pioneer Price: $80.00 + HST

Metal Rolling Tray by OCB – 11″ x 7.5″ – Rainbow Pioneer Price: $10.00 + HST

If you’re interested in checking out any of the items mentioned above drop into Pioneer Cannabis at 1200 Brant St, Burlington, Ontario and one of our awesome budtenders would be happy to get you rolling!

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