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Pioneer Guide to Cannabis Storage

Storage is a vital key to cannabis enjoyment as subpar conditions can dry out your your bud prematurely, draining it of the flavour, aromatic profile as well as overall effectiveness.

Not only does proper storage help prolong the shelf life of your flower but keeping your buds organized by strain and THC levels help you approach your cannabis journey from a more scientific approach to help you best understand what you reach for (and why). Additionally, if you share your home with kids or pets, keeping your cannabis securely locked away is paramount, especially as we look towards cannabis legalization 2.0 products (edibles, vape pens, etc) hitting the market. When considering a cannabis storage solution that works for you, keep in mind that an effective cannabis storage should be:

  • Opaque: Light exposure accelerates the degradation of THC. We recommended that you always store your flower in a cool dark place.
  • Airtight: Keep those terps trapped in! The more that you can smell your cannabis outside of its storage container, the more terpenes (the cannabis plant’s expression of flavour and aroma) are escaping. Additionally, if aromas can get out that means moisture can get in, which can lead to mould.
  • Relative in size: Pick a container that isn’t too much bigger than your cannabis, or the excess oxygen will dry out your cannabis prematurely.
  • Lockable: If you share a home with kids or pets

Below we’ve listed some of our favorite storage solutions for 3 different cannabis consumers:

For the casual consumer:

BRNT Malua Pioneer Price: $35.00 + HST

Even occasional cannabis consumers need a nice container for their buds to call home. BRNT’s storage container is airtight, opaque and designed to be brought out when company comes over (not put away). The container has a split storage system so you can keep 2 strains in the same container at once and the sleek, yet discrete container made from poured concrete not only looks good, but feels good, too. This option is the only one on our list that is not lockable.





For the parent or pet owner:

STASHLOGIX Silverton Pioneer Price: $60 – $ 100 + HST depending on size

For those that share their home with tiny hands (or paws) the hard-shell Silverton case is the ultimate stash bag. Thoughtful traits like adjustable dividers and a poker pocket solve all of your organizational needs. The patented lockable zippered bags ensure your stash is kept safe, and features like rubber gaskets, a foil lining, and odor absorbent packs help you maintain a discreet profile. The Silverton is available in small, medium or large sizes.








For the cannaseur:

RYOT LOCK-R Box Pioneer Price: $250 – $275 + HST

If you’re a long-time cannabis consumer, chances are you own a lot of cannabis accessories. Keep your cannabis, papers, filters and lighters organized and in one place with this all-in-one smoking station. The elegantly crafted RYOT Solid Top Locking LOCK-R Box with Walnut Rolling Tray comes with either 2 or 3 Storage Jars and with removable interior box with 2 adjustable dividers, removable accessories box, and a removable easy scoop walnut tray. The LOCK-R Box is available in small or large.






Whether you’re new or newish to cannabis or an OG, how you store your buds will have a direct impact on your overall experience and effects with the plant. Stop by at Pioneer Cannabis at 1200 Brant St., B to check out these storage options in person.

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