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Top 10 Tips for Returning or New Cannabis Consumers

So, you’ve decided to try cannabis for the first time, or want to give it a go again since trying it “back in the day”!

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as you embark on your maiden voyage with the plant. Below we’ve detailed the top 10 tips that we wish we’d known before sparking our first joint.

  1. Purchase something low in THC %: All legal cannabis sold in Canada shows the THC value on the packaging. Ask one of our budtenders for a nice and easy low THC strain for first timers.
  2. Look for 1:1 ratio: A 1:1 ratio cannabis is an equal balance of THC and CBD. CBD has wakening properties which can help balance any psycho-active effects.
  3. Pick a fool proof way to consume: If you’re new or returning to cannabis after a break it will likely take a bit of practice until you can roll a (smokeable) joint. You can alleviate this pressure by purchasing a pre-roll or using a rolling machine if you’ve got your heart set on sparking a joint . Nevertheless, consider pipes – they are also a popular tool for consumers because they are inexpensive, easy to find and prepare and you can use as much or as little at a time to help you moderate your experience.
  4. Inhale: This might seem like an obvious piece of advice, but many non-smokers don’t feel the effects the first few times they consume. Why? Because they aren’t used to the process of inhaling. Let the smoke fill your lungs and hold it in for longer than you think you need to.
  5. Start low and go slow: This is the mantra of responsible cannabis consumption. In addition to starting out with a lower THC strain we recommend taking it slow. Remember, you can always consume more later, but you can’t go back and consume less. Analyze how you feel before hitting that joint or pipe again, it’s ok to put it down and come back to it later and you should never feel embarrassed about backing out of a session if you’ve hit your limit.
  6. Choose a comfortable place: You’ll want to pick an environment that you’ll be comfortable in for a few hours.
  7. Pick your people: It’s not about what, or where we do something, it’s who we’re with right? By picking companions that you’re comfortable with, that make you laugh or dig deep when it comes to introspective conversations, you’re likely to gain much more out of your cannabis journey. Bonus points if you’re companions are experienced with cannabis as they can help guide you through your experience –  we’re sure they’ll be delighted and honoured that you chose them!
  8. Pick stimulating activities: Once you’ve gotten to your point of desired effects have a couple activities lined up to ride the wave with. Listen to your favorite album, play a game, watch a movie or go for a walk.
  9. Clear your schedule: The cannabis onset period is dependent on the consumption vehicle. The high from combusted cannabis is around 1-2 hours, whereas the onset for ingested (eaten) cannabis can be up to 4-6 hours because it is processed through your liver. It is important to note that the timing above can be affected by multiple variables such as weight, tolerance and metabolism. Regardless of your method of consumption make sure your schedule is clear of responsibilities so you can maximize your experience and when consuming cannabis outside of your home make sure you always plan for a ride home. Absolutely never consume and drive.
  10. Take notes for next time: The more detailed notes you take, the more educated choices you can make in the future. Keeping a cannabis journal will help you to discover the strains and more importantly the terpenes found in the strains you love (and ones you don’t) so you can best guide your cannabis journey.

There you have the top 10 tips we wish we’d known before consuming cannabis for the first / returning time. Best of luck on your canna journey young grasshopper and if you have any questions one of our budtenders in store at Pioneer Cannabis 1200 Brant St, Unit 4 Burlington would be delighted to chat!

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